Jul 1, 2013

On to the next 6 months...

Wow, where has the first half of the year gone? I've come so much further than I ever have yo yo dieting before and I have to pat myself on the back for that. Yes, I've had slip ups. I'm human. I've had days where I didn't want to get up and work out and didn't. Of course I had days where I wanted to quit. My back injury really put me in a funk and motivation to work out after being sidelined for 6 weeks was really hard to get back. But I never quit. I made sure I ate clean especially not being able to work out. Doing something is better than nothing. 

So, here is my 6 month wrap.. Lets dance shall we as we reflect on the last 6 months!

Starting Weight: 261
Today's Weight: 226

Wow, look at that face. Jesus. 
Why didn't any one of my friends  associates tell me my face looks like the  
Stay Puft Marshmallow Man  from Ghostbusters? Side Eye. 

Ow, owwwww. I felt super self conscious all night 
but I was proud of myself for wearing this dress. 


ALRIGHT, where do I go from here? On to the next 6 months..
Goals are set, meals are prepped, new workout gear is on. Leggggggo! 

Drink a gallon of water a day. Pee 40 times a day. 

I HAVE to add more cardio. 5 miles a week is the plan. Side eye. 

Log all my food on My Fitness Pal. I mean, I have the damn app on my phone. 
I just get lazy forget. 

Complete the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred {yes, I've started it twice and got bored.}
Starting tomorrow {sweet baby Jesus you can't start a new workout on any other day than a Monday and looky looky, it's the 1st!} I'm joining my boo Holly @ Where We Can Live Like Jack and Sally and Amber @ Crafty Healthy Mommy. We are going to rock out this 30 days. No quitting! Join us in the fun!

Do you know how effin fab I am going to look after another 30lb loss??... GIRL BYE. 
Y'all aint ready! 

Well hey, no better day than to start than today. MONDAY, THE FIRST! 
Get, up and get moving and stop putting crap in your mouth. 
Dedication and consistency is what it's all about! 


  1. Love this and so very proud of you!!!!!!!! Will you come up here and kick my butt and get me started!!!! You have done so well.

    Sheri Pierce

    1. Thanks Sheri! I would totally come work out with you. Start small, walk your neighborhood a couple times of week. Exchange one drink for water etc.

  2. OMG I think this was your funniest post ever. I literally laughed out loud. I am starting the 30 day shred tomorrow with you guys and am excited to see change. I am going to alternate that with some running for the cardio. You look amazing 6 months in so I know you are going to be so hot in another 6 months!

    1. Glad you got a laugh to start your week!! I'm still going to do my weight lifting and just adding the 30DS to that. I love lifting too much and I need MAX results so I gotta keep at it. I'll definitely be following your progress!! I can't wait to see results!

  3. You look hot in that black and white dress! Good job on the weight loss so far and can't wait to keep moving.

    1. Thanks so much! I know we are going to rock this next 6 months. Adding the 30DS to my lifting routine will be good for me.

  4. Love it lady!! You have come so far and have a rockin' attitude!

  5. You are truly awesome. I love coming here and reading you!!!

    1. Thanks boo for following my nutso journey and my constant blabbering.


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