Dec 19, 2014

Happy Holidays and an Update

Hey loves! Popping in to say hi!
Our Christmas cards turned out awesome! Here is the front:

and back:

Not much going on around here for the holidays. Bryce is at his dads for the week and we will be traveling to Northern VA to spend a couple days up there next weekend with my parents and siblings. We usually do our gift exchange with them right after Christmas. My mother in law is coming over on Christmas day since she lives near us and I'm cooking, as usual, nothing extravagant since it will just be the three of us. 

We don't do much for New Year's Eve. We get a couple bottles of bubbly and some sparkling bubbly for the kids and have fun in our pj's all day and through the next day. I haven't been out on New Year's Eve since before I had kids. It just doesn't appeal to me anymore lol. Hell, I'm just trying to stay awake to watch the ball drop. So boring. I know. 

New Year's Eve 2013

I decided to revamp the blog over the holiday and get back into blogging a couple times a week. Once we get through the holidays I am going to fill you in on all that's going on with my workouts/diet/competing. If you follow me on IG you know I met with a coach 2 weeks ago. He's perfect and I'm in a great place. I also found a couple comps that I am interested in around Sept/October and he thinks 9 months to get where I want to be is great start. I decided after giving IIFYM a try, it's best for me to go back to the strict eating that helped me lose the bulk of my weight in 2013. No, I wasn't eating cheeseburgers every day because it fit my macros. There is nothing wrong with IIFYM, it just isn't for me; right now. Losing weight on it was slow and sometimes none at all, even when I gave it my all, and it was depressing. So for me, going back to my strict eating {chicken boobs, sweet taters, tuna, tilapia, veggies, grapefruit, oatmeal, boiled eggs etc.} gives me the results that make me the happiest. I gave it three months {did pretty well since my Disney Cruise} but the results were slow and again- nothing wrong with it, just not for me. 

I've had to remind myself- this isn't a sprint. Sometimes you have to try new things but no matter what, I will keep going. There are going to be setbacks. Being honest- this shit is hard. Yes, strict eating seems to work better. Yes, HIIT gives me a better burn than running lost distances. I've given different things a chance for 90 days and been unsuccessful, so back to what I know works for me. Even through a plateau, I can keep eating my strict foods but switch up my workouts. 
I was taught from Day 1- learn your body. 
I've set attainable goals, month by month and I'm going to give it my all until I get to where I want to be. I've come pretty far and made some long lasting GREAT habits. I just need to trust the process and kick my own ass! 
Happy Holidays everyone! Any big plans for the holidays?
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