Apr 1, 2015

What's Been Going On...

Hey everyone! I know last week on my Facebook page I said I would update you guys on all that's been going on so I wanted to make sure I did. I'm still not in a place to start blogging again. I'm super busy and really just haven't found the kick I need to start writing.

First, my family: All are well. Bryce started basketball again and has been on the honor roll all year. Sydney didn't really care for ballet so we let her switch to gymnastics. She is really enjoying it and will start cheerleading next season. The hubs is great, got a promotion at work. He's super busy as well. All is GOOD in the Tynes' household.

Next...what's been going on with me?

Well, I've been working on me. All of me. I'm a constant work in progress; as we all should be. The first year and a half of my journey was pretty easy. No lie, I got cocky and thought it would just continue being easy. Rude awakening, it wasn't. After Disney, I tried really hard to do half the work while still eating all the food. Yea, slowly one pound turned into five, then ten and so on. Y'all know the story. Anyhoo, my attitude also changed. I sat down with an old friend of mine and she said I had changed. I was looking for the likes from strangers on my journey, for them to tell me it was ok when I messed up, for the constant gratification. Instead what I needed was a real friend telling me I was messing up and to get my shit together. Though I enjoyed growing my blog a little, having a huge following, all the accolades blah blah, it changed me. It was a shit show and I was feeding into it like so many others do.

So I decided to take a step back and re-evaluate what I wanted/needed and how my negative personality was affecting me and the people around me. I enjoy communicating with others on their journeys but what I didn't need was to be on a pedestal for likes or comments. But I enjoyed the attention. Some good attention and some bad. There were times I just didn't like other bloggers|fitness Ig'ers because of what they were doing but I was slowly starting to do the same things. I wasn't better than them, I was falling down the rabbit hole too. I decided to reach out to a couple other bloggers that I'd thrown under the bus or been shitty to and apologized. The thing is, people change. Holly balls! Two people who don't really like each other CAN squash bs and move forward...
SN- Ubreakable Kimmy Schmidt is my new addiction.

People can grow and become better. Sadly, most don't see that. They hold on to what crappy things you did in the past and hold them over your head forever. Well, I'm not that person. I'm in a good place, with everyone. Some of us old bloggers {most don't blog anymore} have become good friends and are planning a meet up soon. Sometimes all it takes is an apology. We all make mistakes. I'm just happy to put a lot of things I did and said from the last year behind me.

As for competing. I still have it as a goal in the near future and haven't given up on competing in bikini. It's a goal I intend to stick with and it will get done. When I read someone say I would never compete, I thought.. Damn, I've seen a few people go from obese to competitor. Who are you to say what I will and won't do? Then I thought maybe that person is just stupid and probably has ugly kids. #sorrynotsorry, I told you I'm a work in progress lmao.

Anyhooooo... I needed to get back under 200lbs from #bingefest2014 and get back to structured workouts and strict eating. Which I have!! In three months I have lost almost all the weight I gained since Disney. I've been lifting weights 5-6x a week and cardio 4x a week. Also, I have fallen in LOVE with power lifting. I started a 9 week strength program in my gym along with my regular workouts and it's been great. I'm on week 7 and have gotten stronger and definitely want to delve more into power lifting someday. I'm heading to Jamaica for Mother's Day and it has been a great short term goal for me. I bought a new swim suit and I'm excited to be 5 months in to the start of my new journey when I leave for vacation. Letting go of last year and moving on.
Sadly, I didn't take many pictures at the end of the year so I'm still using the ones from the beginning of my journey. Regardless, I'm still proud of how far I've come. Even with the setbacks I've had.

I've been wearing lots of non gym clothes, lol.. at the end of the year my 16's were tight and now I am almost into 14's... and most of you who follow the blog also follow my IG and know I chopped off all my hairssssss. It was a great change that I needed.

That wraps up what's been going on in my world. Right now I'm just happy. At home, at the gym, with my old friends, with new friends; everything. I learned that no matter if you do everything right or not, there's going to be someone who dislikes you and is going to find something to say. If all you chose to speak negatively on is the 5% you see of me online, that's fine. I've had to work harder to not take it so personally. Those who care about me and help me when I'm down instead of kicking me are the ones who matter most and I've made sure to now make them a priority. Thank you to those who have taken the time to see the best in me. Flaws and all.


  1. Whoa - great post! I'm so glad to know you are doing awesome and rocking it out like always! I miss your sass and humor but understand that blogging isn't always easy and it sure does take up a lot of time! I think you look amazing and am sure you'll reach your goals . . . and you already look hot in a bikini! Much love to you!

  2. Love you so much and so glad we met and I can call you a real life friend!!! xoxoxoxoxo

  3. Love seeing an update from you! I love that you are doing you and doing what makes you happy!

  4. Glad to see you & your family are all doing well. I've missed your blogging so I was happy to see an update. Keep at it!

  5. So happy to see your name show up in my inbox! I'm so glad to know you've been well. Best of luck as you continue your fitness journey!

  6. So happy to see your name show up in my inbox! I'm so glad to know you've been well. Best of luck as you continue your fitness journey!

  7. I love your honesty! I recently had the same awakening- I can't do half the work, eat all the treats, and expect to get anything but flab.

  8. I was so glad to see you posted!! Happy to see the great going on's in your life :) You keep doing you!!

  9. I'm so happy to see this update. Not able to follow on IG. GL on your journey <3

  10. I am a reader but not really a commenter as I never knew what to say, or it sounded dumb once I typed it out but I wanted to say I am glad things are going well and I miss your blog. Wishing all of the very best to you!

  11. what a great post! i'm glad things are going well for you, best of luck as you continue in your weight loss journey.


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