May 20, 2015

Jamaica... Mon!

I've been meaning to update you guys and I've just been busy. For Mother's Day my momma took me to Jamaica! It was a great little get away weekend for us and we had an amazing time.. umm for the most part.. The first place we stayed was like a bed and breakfast in the mountains and we hated it. It just wasn't what we expected and the reviews were so great! Ugh. We thought it would be more spa like with great food and it was really just lay around and do nothing all day with no AC and horrible food; and no spa. Ummm, yea. No. So we checked out the next morning and found a perfect beach front resort with all the jerk chicken my spicy little heart desired and enjoyed the couple of days we had left. This was our first vacation, just the two of us and we really had a great time with a lot of laughs and inappropriateness and we enjoyed it {and both needed it SO much.}

For the most part, I ate jerk chicken, half the rice and beans they served with it and lots of salad. Jerk chicken, three times a day. Protein lol! The one indulgence was that triple chocolate cake and JESUS, it was amazing. I may have licked the plate. I gained three pounds. Womp. It was all salt and I lost it a couple days later when I got back on my gallon water routine lol. I wasn't even mad. My goal was to not rebound like I did after my cruise. So far, so good. Thanks to my coach, I woke up at 5am the day after we returned and got right back into heavy lifting and back on my strict eating. I felt great and refused to rebound like I did before. It was HARD AS SHIT to lose that 20lbs but lesson learned and I'm still going.

I allowed myself three drinks during the entire trip. I had a margarita with corona {ummm, does that count as two? naaaaaaah.} A beer and a pina colada. They were all heaven. I miss alcohol lol!

Anyhoo, I wanted to share my outfits like I did when we got back from Disney here:Vacation Pinspiration Post. I didn't want to go out and purchase a bunch of items. Just some staple pieces that I could rock all weekend and be comfortable. I am in between sizes and really just didn't want to waste the money. I found some capris at Old Navy that I fell in love with. If you follow me on IG, you know I've been searching for new jeans for a couple weeks. My favorite sweetheart cut from Old Navy is still my go-to but I noticed the 16's were too big in the waist|fit my thighs and the 14's too small in the thighs|fit my waist #fml. I went to Gap, American Eagle, and Abercrombie with no luck. So I found some jeans that fit and I'm happy with them. Back to Old Navy, I tried on different cuts and fell in love with these!  They just say Old Navy in them {not sweetheart, rock star or diva} and they fit perfectly. I love this pic. I was so damn happy.

 Pic 1: My moms outfit is from Old Navy
Top can be found here and shorts can be found here.
Pic 2: My swimsuit is by Freya and I purchased it on eBay.
{I love this brand. My brown swimsuit from last year is Freya as well}
Pic 3: My pink gingham shirt is vintage from Gap. Shoes and capris on both of us are from Old Navy.

  Pic 1: My twill white shorts are 5" from Old Navy found here and my shirt 
is from Modcloth found here. It has the CUTEST white elephants on it.
 Pic 2: Outfit from Old Navy. Top here and pants here.
Pic 3: Racerback tank is from Old Navy and my skirt is from eBay last year. 
Pic 4: The Home T and Old Navy capris

Well, that's all folks. It was a great weekend and I loved every minute of it. As for everything else.. MY progress is slow and steady as it should be. I finished my 12 week strength program and did fantastic. It helped me lose the weight I gained from #bingefest2014 and I loved that I stuck to it and didn't throw in the towel when my coach pushed me. Cause I struggled when he made me go to my max. We had some rough days but I'm stronger and thankful for him not letting me quit. We've now started a heavy lifting|overtraining program and I'm still eating my boring strict stuff....egg whites, fish, egg whites, turkey, egg whites, oatmeal, tuna, veggies; basic crap that keeps me on track. Anyway, I still am TRYING to live by the motto "enjoy the process." I'll compete when I'm ready mentally and physically. Not sure why some people are rushing me?! But...
....and my kids are still crazy and excited for summer....and the hubs is still the hubs. Still stuck with me and loving every minute.


  1. What an amazing trip to take with your mommy! I'm so glad you had a good time, minus the room in the woods w/yucky food and no spa. Your outfits are cute - yay for ON denim capris that fit!!
    Love your face.

  2. Sounds like you had a great time except that first crappy room! I'm loving your hair!!!! I been thinking about getting some braids but eh I don't want to sit that long. Also now I'm gonna stalk old Navy and see if I can find some pants that fit!!!

  3. I know this is weird but I was just thinking about you yesterday and wondering how you're doing and then, BAM! I see your post in my Bloglovin feed. It takes so much willpower to get right back on track after a vacation, great job!

  4. Let's talk about the bruises and burns that you must get on your neck from your swimsuit top and HUGE jugs, because I get them, too and I FINALLY figured out how to avoid them last summer. If you'll twist the strings a few times behind your neck and then loop one of the strings under your back strap, THEN tie the two strings together . . . no more neck bruises/burns! Kind of like the back that's shown in this picture.

  5. I love that you wear Old Navy as much as I do :) Love all of your vacation looks!

  6. Thanks for the fashion update! Maybe now I can find some clothes y'all don't turn your noses up at!! hahahaha

  7. You are rocking it lady!!!! And I would give just about anything to be in Jamaica right now!!

  8. You are rocking it lady!!!! And I would give just about anything to be in Jamaica right now!!


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