I am going to be updating this page sporadically with my progress photos. 


  1. I love all of your workout clothes. My favorite is that gray long sleeve with a bow right by the neck (second picture on the right)! Where did you get that? :)

    1. Thanks boo! That shirt is actually Nike and it came from Dick's. I would check eBay for them too. I see different colors and they are much cheaper.

  2. You are amazing. And 100% real. I love looking at your progress. You work hard and it shows!! Thank you for being such an inspiration and a complete bad ass!

  3. I look at your photos...and I don't see Val first...I see FabChick! LOOKING SUPER AWESOME!

  4. For all of the woman who are your "before" size, this shows us/them, that it is possible, that it is not out of reach. Yes, it's hard work and yes it takes a lot of self control, but when you get to the "after" you will never regret the hard work and clean diet. So amazing, you look fabulous!


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